CLS, Canadian Lumber Specification (or ‘Standard’ or ‘Size’)

Generally used for stud work and shed framing. It is a regular machined size with eased edges (rounded corners).
Something to bear in mind with CLS, the actual finished size will finish slightly smaller than regularised carcassing.

Sawn Timber

Although still widely known as ‘Sawn Timber’, most carcassing now has a semi-planed finish, which in most cases will reduce the size of the product i.e. 47mm x 100mm (4″x2″) when regularised, will in fact finish approx 45mm x 95mm.
Smaller sections machined out of regularised stock, may come with 2 semi-planed sides or faces and 2 sawn.

If the size you require is not listed we can machine it order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


PSE, (Planed Square Edge), also known as PAR, (Planed all Round). With the exception of some sizes, most of our planed timber is stocked in a 5ths redwood softwood.